How to stop the tooth decay at your pediatric dentist

Dentists in South Dakota say they’re seeing an uptick in tooth decay among children in their community.

The dental industry has been working with the South Dakota Department of Health and Senior Services (DSHS) on the issue, which has led to the development of a program to help dentists improve the way they treat children with dental problems.

Dental staff are taking care of children with the condition, known as dysplasia in situ, or DIS, which can cause poor teeth and other teeth problems.

The dental office in Pawnee, South Dakota, has been trying to find ways to reduce the number of patients in the dental office, but they haven’t been successful, said dental office staff member Michelle Miller.

Miller said that in a recent visit to the office, she saw one patient who had had a tooth pulled out and two patients who had lost teeth.

Miller said the dental staff is working with DHS to make sure the patients have the appropriate care.

Dentists are also trying to encourage people to visit their offices to see if there is anything else they need.DHS said it is working on a dental program to assist dentists in helping their patients, but it does not have a set timeline for the program.

The program is part of a national effort called Preventing Tooth Decay.

The goal of the program is to help children who have suffered dental problems and have not been seen by a dentist for a long time.

If you have a dental issue that is affecting your health or a child, please call your doctor for help.