Dental school offers dental internship

A new dental school in Minnesota offers a dental internship program for students who have completed dental school, according to a story in The Hill.

Dentists are not allowed to work in dental offices.

The program, called Dental Internships, has been approved by the state and the school, which is located in St. Paul.

Dental interns will work at a dental school for one year, with their first appointment to complete a course of study.

They’ll receive credit for work they’ve completed, as well as an opportunity to earn money in dental fees.

The interns will then be able to return to their dental school and continue their education there.

The program was first announced by the Minnesota Dental Association.

The DTA said the internship program will give dental students a chance to earn extra money in their career, which could eventually pay for dental school tuition.

The internship will be available to students in the Twin Cities metro area.

Minnesota is one of just a few states where dental schools are not permitted to offer a dental internship program.

Dental schools are permitted to do so, but they must obtain approval from the state before they can open their doors.

Minnesota has more than a dozen accredited dental schools, including the University of Minnesota and St. John’s College, which also offer internships.

Dylan Pazdzik, the president of Minnesota DTA, told The Hill that the state will not force dental schools to close, but the organization will make it easier for students to enroll in dental school.

Pazdizk said the DTA is hopeful that the program will help to ease some of the pressure on students who are facing an internship.

“It’s a small dentistry program,” he said.

“You’ve got to be able and willing to make a decision to go into a program that you can get into, that’s not just a program to help you with your income and the money you earn.

DTA wants to make sure that our students are able to be part of a program where they’re able to work.”