Australia’s children’s dentistry gets a boost from the coronavirus

In Australia, the number of children admitted to hospitals for treatment of a toothache or cold has increased by around 100% since March, with many children taking to Facebook to express their frustration over their dental care.

The country’s dental and paediatric teams have struggled to cope with the number and variety of visitors, and have been forced to implement measures such as restricting visitors to just the children they can see.

While the number is higher than it was in March, it still represents a significant decrease compared to a year ago, according to the Department of Health.

Read more about coronaviruses: Cancer, flu and climate change: Australia’s coronaviral pandemic has hit Australia’s dentists hard Australian dental schools have also experienced a surge in enrolment, as more students turn to the profession in an effort to cope in the midst of the global pandemic.

In the past two weeks alone, more than 50% of the country’s primary school students enrolled in a school dental program, which is up from a little over 50% in March.

Dental staff in the community have also struggled to keep up with the increase in demand for their services.

The Victorian Government has launched a campaign in the wake of the coronivirus to help dentists and dental school students, urging them to stay in their communities.

“We are now seeing more children in the emergency department than in March last year,” Minister for Primary Health Jillian Skinner told ABC News Breakfast.

Dr Skinner said the Victorian Government was also supporting the work of the Australian Medical Association and other dentists, encouraging them to be more active in the communities they work in.

In the past few weeks, Victoria has seen an increase in the number, and intensity, of emergency departments and emergency departments in the state.

Victoria has seen a significant increase in emergency department visits in the past month, according the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

This week, more patients have come in with respiratory issues in Victoria compared to the same period last year.

More than 70% of emergency department admissions in Victoria have been for respiratory illnesses, including coronavirochics, respiratory syncytial virus, influenza and pneumonia, the Victorian Health Department said.

Victorian dental school enrolment has increased since the coronavi virus broke out in the State.

School enrolment in the Victorian school dental profession in March was up by almost 90%, compared to March last season, according a report released by the Australian Dental Association.

Some dental schools are struggling to keep the population up.

A study conducted in Melbourne last week found that of the 1,400 dental students who entered the school dental programme in the last month, only 50% were attending in the current school year. 

“The number of students who enrol in a dental program is typically around 20 per cent of enrolment during the year, which leaves many dental schools short of staff to fill the gaps in demand and ensure they are able to meet the needs of their students,” the study found.

Students in dental school are also being required to register their dental school, which can be difficult for many students who are not able to get a GP appointment.

On Monday, the state government announced a $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a person who broke the law in relation to the coronvirus outbreak.

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Brisbane has also announced it will spend $25 million to provide emergency dental care for vulnerable patients.

At least 100 children from schools in Victoria, and 100 from schools outside the state, are in the critical care unit of a Queensland hospital, with one hospital having five in critical care, and six in intensive care.

Health Minister Cameron Dick said in a statement that while more needs to be done to tackle the coronaval virus, the Government’s $50 million initiative is already helping children cope.

He said the Government has committed to supporting local and regional community dental schools in developing the community dental curriculum, and has launched an online chat room to encourage more families to talk to a doctor or dentist about their children’s dental needs. ABC/AAP