Which children’s pediatric dental care is the best?

It was a sad day in Lincoln Park when an adorable, three-year-old girl died.

Her mother, Lourdes Gonzalez, told the ABC News affiliate, KLTV, that the baby had died because her father was not getting enough dental work done.

A week after the girl’s death, a mother-to-be was found dead at her home in the city’s Northside neighborhood.

Police have yet to identify the woman or determine what happened to her.

Her name was Elizabeth Perez, and she was 15.

A coroner ruled Perez’s death a homicide.

Police say Perez’s father, Daniel Gonzalez, did not live in Lincoln Parks and was arrested in December after authorities said he admitted to a police officer he had killed the little girl.

Daniel Gonzalez was released on bond in December.

His attorney, Jason Nix, said the child’s death was “absolutely inexcusable.”

He said Perez had been living with her father, whom she had not seen since the beginning of the school year.

“He is a very loving and caring father and mother and his death is the worst thing that has happened to this family,” Nix told the station.

The girl’s father had been working in a local hospital for the past few months, and his dental practice was one of the few that treated the child.

Police said Daniel Gonzalez also told officers he had abused drugs.

Daniel’s father has pleaded not guilty to charges that include aggravated murder and kidnapping.

“I am deeply sorry for the loss of my daughter, who I love very much,” he said in a statement to police.

“This is not a story about the daughter, it is about the life that my wife and I have created together.”