How to create an Instagram profile for a dentist

Growing smiles dentics are finding more and more opportunities to interact on social media, and it’s a growing trend for the healthcare profession.

According to a report released by the Society of Dental Surgeons, dentists are now becoming increasingly comfortable interacting with their followers and followers are starting to share their own dental experience.

The report found that a record 1.3 million people have created Instagram accounts for dental care, including 1.1 million who are now in the top 3% of the dental population.

Dentists are becoming more conscious of the social media presence and it is making it easier for them to connect with their communities.

According the report, more than 1 million of the dentists surveyed said they had been asked to create their own social media accounts.

The growth in the dentistry community has coincided with the increased popularity of Instagram, which has more than 3 million subscribers, and more than 200 million followers on Facebook.

The trend is spreading and there are more dentists than ever sharing their stories, photos and dental tips on Instagram.

Denture capitalist Michael Apted told Business Insider in February that dentists can use Instagram to “get in front of people who don’t have any teeth, and who are interested in dental care.”

Apted also explained that dentistry can become a way for dentists to meet and interact with potential customers.

“Dentist social media can be a great way for them [dentists] to get in front on new customers, get their message out to people who may not be dentists,” he said.

“I think there’s a big opportunity for dentistry in the future for a lot of dentists.”

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