Dr Shapiro’s dental business will be put on hold after being forced to close after the election

ShapIRO Family Dentistry has closed its doors after being told by the state it could no longer meet the needs of its patients.

Key points:Dr Shapira’s family business is one of a number of businesses that will be shut after the state won an electionShapiro Family Dentics chief executive Andrew Shapiris family dental business is the latest to close downThe family business will also be taken over by a subsidiary of a competitor, which could make it harder for the family to compete with the larger businessesDr Shatiro, who is a leading figure in the field of dentistry in the United States, said it had been a tough decision for him to close his business.

“I think that’s one of the reasons why it’s taken this long for me to make the decision, it’s been tough on me personally and personally on my family,” Dr Shatiris said.

“It’s a business that I’ve always been passionate about, I’ve been doing it for a long time.”

But I’m so grateful for all the people who have supported me in this.

“And I’m very thankful for the support that I got from all over Australia, and I’m really grateful to the whole Australian dental community, not just in Melbourne.”

He said he was also thankful to the Tasmanian Government for supporting him and his family during the transition period.

“There was no doubt that my family and I would be here for a while,” Dr, Shatira said.

The company was founded in 2008 and was set up by Mr Shatiri, who also owns a small dental business.

In a statement, Dr Shaviro said his family’s dental practice was a popular one and was “an excellent source of professional practice and research”.

“The family of Dr Shappir is a national family with a long history in the practice of dentics in Australia,” the statement read.

“We are grateful to our Tasmanian colleagues and staff for their dedication, commitment and dedication to our patients and the health of the community.”

The statement also said the family’s practice had become increasingly important in recent years, with new patients arriving from across the country.

“In recent years the practice has been able to focus on expanding our dental work and providing a range of services to our customers, with our primary focus on assisting with their dental needs,” it read.

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