How to make a buck with dental braces

With the recent news that a dentists school in the Middle East was forced to close due to budget cuts, it is becoming increasingly difficult for dentists in the region to compete.

According to the United Arab Emirates, more than 50,000 people in the country have been affected by the cuts and as a result have resorted to using cheaper alternatives such as bracelets and dentures.

Many of these dentists are relying on third-party vendors, such as Ebay, that accept payment in cryptocurrency, such that they can still make a profit from their patients.

While some dentists may not have the expertise to properly diagnose and treat dental problems, they are still able to make enough money to survive and pay for the treatment they are seeing.

According a recent report by the Arab World Foundation (AWF), the number of dentists working in the UAE dropped by almost 50 percent between 2017 and 2019.

According the report, “dentists who do not have enough trained staff or resources are faced with difficult decisions.”

Dr. Rana Saleh al-Ahmad, the president of the UAE Association of Dentists, said, “The situation has become difficult because of the impact of the economic crisis.

I think the dentists have become too desperate.

It is not only about making money, but also about protecting their families from the financial difficulties that we are experiencing.”

Dr Saleh said that in some cases, a dentist is unable to find qualified workers, which makes it harder for them to offer a quality service.

For his part, Dr Saleh explained, “We don’t have enough qualified dentists to perform the procedures we perform.

In order to pay the bills we are facing, we are forced to resort to the use of other providers.”