Family dentist accused of ‘shameful’ practices

DENTIST IN NORTH CAROLINA is facing a defamation suit after he wrote an article on his Facebook page in which he claimed he had treated “the most beautiful, sweetest, most wonderful, most caring and most wonderful mother” and her “soul mate” since they were born, The Associated Press has confirmed.

The article, written in February, claimed to have been written by a man named Michael T. Pang, who claimed to be the father of “the very first man ever born” after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer in November 2015.

The family dentist, who lives in the tiny town of Pangton, South Carolina, told the AP that he had never met the man, and his claim about having “brought the world’s most beautiful baby girl” to life was a fabrication.

The AP has also confirmed that the family’s attorney filed a defamation lawsuit against Pang.

Pang, 54, told AP he has never met Pang and that his article was not about his family.

He said he had no knowledge of the article and did not know how to contact Pang directly.

Peng’s attorney, Patrick Egan, said the family is deeply disappointed in the actions of Peng, who is not related to Pang’s wife.

He said Pang was a practicing family dentist in the small town of South Carolina and the family had not heard from him since December, and that Pang did not even recognize his son.

“It’s sad for everyone that they could be so careless with what is a very beautiful, precious gift,” Egan said.

“The truth is the truth.

The truth.”

Pang did NOT respond to AP requests for comment on Tuesday.

He has been a practicing dentist in South Carolina since 2003, according to his website.

He did not respond to emails and messages seeking comment.

Pangs son, David, who was born in February 2016, was diagnosed in December with brain cancer.

He underwent surgery in March and is expected to make a full recovery.

David Pang said he and his father have had no contact since then and that he does not plan to speak publicly about his son’s condition.

The Associated Press could not reach Pang for comment.