How to avoid a costly dental visit

A family dentist has spent more than $5,000 on dental work, but was told the bill was excessive after an overpayment was discovered by the family’s dentist.

The family was sent a bill from the dental clinic last month for a $2,500 procedure, which included two small stitches in their upper jaw.

But when the family went to the dentist on Wednesday, the dentist told them the bill for the dental work had risen to $5.50.

The dentist told the family that they would have to pay an additional $2.50 for the procedure and the two stitches.

“I told them that the bills are really outrageous,” the family told ABC News.

“It was a $1,500 bill and they said, ‘That’s because we’ve got an overcharge,'” the father said.

The father said he was shocked to learn his son’s dentist had been charged more than they had anticipated.

“The bill went up to $1.85.

That was just the total for the surgery,” he said.

According to the American Dental Association, overcharges in the dental industry are common.

“When there are multiple charges on a bill, it can put a dentist out of business,” said American Donticians Association President and CEO David P. Smith.

He added that dentists are often reluctant to bill overcharges because of the high risk they pose to patients.

“Dentists are not trained to make payments that high,” Smith said.ABC News’ Kristina Garcia-Hernandez contributed to this report.