Family Dentistry in Denton

Family Dentics in DENTON, Texas, are offering free dental care to families in need.

The program is called Smile Design Dentistry and is being run by Carol Denton and her husband, Michael.

The couple said they’re proud of the fact that Smile Design has become such a success and they are grateful to all of the families who have joined the program.

“There is so much work going on and there is so many families that are still in need of dental care,” Denton said.

This program is being offered through Smile Design, a new online dental program.

Michael Denton is a dentist in Denny, Texas.

He said he was excited when the idea of this program came to him, but he said he’s been struggling to get ahold of dental hygienists.

“The dentists I had in Dallas, they were all very strict,” Denny said.

“I had to come to Denton to get them to come and see what’s going on.

I have a lot of teeth I had to get trimmed, but I don’t have the time to do that.”

But it’s a great opportunity for a family to get dental care.

“Michael Denny says his dental hygiants are now being treated at Smile Design.

For families who are looking for dental care, Smile Design will give a referral.”

It’s all about the community,” Dennys said.”

We’re just trying to make it as easy as possible for the families.

Carol and Michael Denton say the program has helped so many people. “

This is a really good way for them to make dental referrals,” Dentson said.

Carol and Michael Denton say the program has helped so many people.

They say Smile Design was able to offer dental care for several of their families.