Family Dentistry in Stowe, New Hampshire has been named #2 in the country by Health News Today

The family dentists in Stow is named #1 in the nation by HealthNewsToday, which is a publication of the American Dental Association.

In addition to its top ranking for family dentisting in New Hampshire, the website also says the family dentist in Stokesboro has received more than $1 million in private funding from the Dental Society of America.

The Stowe family dentist, Michael E. Sullivan, was named to the top spot in the website’s annual list of top dentists by HealthnewsToday.

The publication said that in addition to his extensive practice, Sullivan has also been honored by the New England Dental Foundation for his charitable work.

Sullivan, who has been with the family for 43 years, was also named the top dental technician in New England by Healthnewser.

Sullivan is the third-generation owner of the family dental practice in Stowell.

Sullivan has been a dentist since 1962 and has worked in Stoke since 1984.

Sullivan graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1970 with a degree in dentistry.

He worked as a dentist for five years and has been practicing dentistry since 1992.

Sullivan’s sister, Barbara Sullivan, said she was proud to be named one of HealthNews Today’s Top 5 dentists.

She said the family practice has grown to be the largest in Stoewe and has also served as the dental school for Stowe High School.

Sullivan said he was not concerned about being ranked as the #1 dentist in New Haven because his family practice was so successful in Stole.

Sullivan described his family dentary practice as the “most innovative and successful” in Stothole.